Best Open Heel Fins – A Buyer’s Guide

It’s no secret that your diving game and experience will be just as strong and fun as the choice of your fins. Factors like your skill, morale, and dive site do have an impact, but your fins can greatly affect how much fun you have. A good pair of open-heel fin units will give you the confidence that you need underwater to fully explore the beauties of the sea while keeping you comfortable.

Recommended Open Heel Fins


Reviews of Best Open Heel Fins

After thorough research and extensive screening and filtration, we’ve selected some of the best open heel fins available in the market. Have a look!

Oceanic Manta Ray Open Heel Dive Fins

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide
This is definitely one of the most exquisite products that you would find on the market, and let us tell you why. It has managed to strike the intricate and extremely delicate balance of being lightweight yet having the strength of bone to enhance speed, power, and efficiency. Any of the scuba divers and scuba diving enthusiasts would understand how important this feature is and the impact it has on performance.

Moreover, the design and selection of material for this is super smart and imitates tendons and joints. You will notice an optimized thrust as you flex during a downstroke, and the stored energy is released before the upstroke. The power channel that has the elasticity to skin further enhances the thrust. This channels the water flow from the back of the blade, allowing more power to be out into propulsion.

The product is extremely user-friendly and has an Easy Buckle Adjustment (EBA). This means that you can opt for accurate and precise buckle adjustments for over 5 cm or 2 inches, giving you a custom fit without the use of any intricate tools.

Customers have also shown a great liking towards these fins. Nearly every user has stated that they feel natural and very comfortable underwater yet offer great power. Moreover, thanks to the buckle strap, you can take them off while you are still in the water before jumping inside your boat – something that many users were grateful for.

All in all, this is an impeccable product that became a favorite for way too many people too fast. Its high ratings and tons of positive reviews speak for the quality and consistency that it provides, and we strongly urge you to check it out!

  • TECHNO-POLYMER BLADE Advanced material provides the strength of bone to maximize power, speed and efficiency, while being extremely lightweight and durable
  • POWER-X SYSTEM Revolutionary material acts as tendon and joint, optimizing propulsion by flexing during the downstroke and releasing stored energy prior to the upstroke …

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide
If you are looking for a quality pair of fins that can do well in various currents, provide a decent thrust, and are durable and super comfy, then your search ends here! The Mares Avanti Quattro Plus gives you all of that and more at a price so reasonable that it leaves you a little baffled.

This product is not overly complicated; rather, it’s simple yet extremely effective. Firstly, its channel thrust technology system optimizes water channeling, which allows for rapid movement as it radically reduces drag and enhances thrust. This means that the swimmer would experience less fatigue, allowing him/her to swim longer distances.

You can assess the production quality by choice of material. Mares’ high-flex materials offer an amazing combination of maneuverability, stability, thrust, and performance. They are also tough and resistant to damage due to impact; hence, they are highly durable.

Another great feature is the quick-release straps. The bungee material offers a tight and comfortable fit, which means the fins won’t come loose underwater. They are also very easy to take on and off, and the adjustable buckle helps with the size.

Last and one of the most defining features of this product is the comfortable foot-pocket that has been engineered, keeping in mind the rules of ergonomics. It keeps your feet in place and comfortable and the fins secure. Resultantly, there’s better maneuverability and thrust, and that’s something that every diver looks for!

Hence, all those looking to expand their fin collection with something that is not too fancy or complicated yet gets the job done amazingly well will find this to be a perfect fit. It is made from high-quality materials and is durable and extremely efficient.

  • Non-Vented Fin
  • Exceed the Established Performance of Traditional Model
  • New Composite Materials, Optimize Efficiency
  • Greater Responsiveness and Thrusting Power
  • More Attractive Look

Scubapro Go Travel Fin

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide
Are you tired of damaging your fins every time you travel or having to rent a pair because you couldn’t bring yours on the trip? Well, don’t worry, for we have a wonderful option for you! The Scubapro Go Travel fins are extremely travel-friendly and pass most airline tests and regulations. Hence, the next time you are planning a trip, you don’t have to worry about renting dirty and worn-out fins that disrupt your game and all the fun. Their compact design and low weight make it easier to carry them for traveling.

Another thing that we love about them is that they are very durable. The credit for this goes to their construction and usage of super-strong Monprene. Therefore, when you pack them or stuff them in your traveling bag, you will not damage them easily. It also enables them to absorb shocks, and they don’t break off just by bumping into some rocks.

We love it when a manufacturer goes the extra mile just to cater to the customers’ demands, and that’s exactly what Scubapro has done. Many customers wanted an option that offered a design of barefoot fins. The Scubapro Go Fins can be strapped on without boots or even neoprene socks, making the whole experience a lot more comfortable. The straps not only keep your feet steady and in place but are adjustable, so customizing a fit for yourself is not an issue at all!

Regard for the users’ comfort doesn’t end here; to minimize the effects of fatigue and drag, the foot pockets are extremely comfortable and have vents. This means that water can easily drain from them rather than setting shop in there.

  • Comfortable Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable
  • Practically unbreakable strap

Scubapro Seawing Nova 2 Fins

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide
If you’re looking for the best fins that generate thrust and improve your speed, then you should definitely check out these fins! Scubapro Seawing Nova 2 Fins have the most exceptional and distinctive design that allows the perfectly articulate wing shape blade of the fin to pivot and develop thrust. Thus, the speed is increased, and the user can rush like a rocket through the water at maximum speed and easily move in as well as out of tight areas.

The best part of these fins is that they are created using the best raw materials, especially when it comes to body design, which is developed using space-age monprene elastomer, making this product extremely strong and durable. It is almost indestructible, even if you use it for continuous hardcore diving!

Not only this, but the product has numerous other perks, too, the best one being its astounding pivot control technology that regulates the best 45-degree attack angle, regardless of the kick level, be it easy or hard. The product comes with a handy and strong marine-grade bungee strap, which can bear the maximum bodyweight and self-adjust, providing extra durability and comfort. This makes it very easy to don and doff the fins without exerting any extra pressure.

These fins work perfectly in still and moving water and do exactly what they should! We strongly recommend this product since it improves the diving experience of users and is almost flawless and highly durable.

  • Built with a space-age Monprene elastomer that is virtually indestructible. Ergo-fit foot pocket is low profile to prevent chafing and blistering on the ankle and Achilles tendon.
  • Extended toe box enhances comfort during extended bottom times. Power Rails under the extended footplate offer efficient power transfer …

Cressi Powerful Efficient Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide

Best Open Heel Fins - A Buyer's Guide
If you need strong and super-efficient open-heel scuba fins, then the Cressi Powerful Efficient Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins are the best option for you! They provide not only great quality and value but also ensure performance and beauty.

The product uses a three-material patented injection molding procedure that has an extremely soft and comfortable rubber foot pocket that outspreads the side rails of the blade. In order to create a channeling effect, dual-density technopolymer is used in combination with the third silicon-based material for the blade forming process. This effectively helps in creating high energy levels in upward and downward strokes of kick patterns.

What makes Cressi Adult Scuba fins even more special is their amazing feature of patented foot pockets under the blade. This provides the user with a lot more surface area, almost a 20 percent increase! These fins are extremely lightweight and provide extra comfort and flexibility.

The best part which makes them one of the best scuba fins is that unlike many other products in the market, Cressi focuses not on one but three aspects: beauty, quality, and comfort. These fins perform well with currents and provide users with adjustable plastic fins so that there is nothing that stops the user from having the best diving experience.

We highly recommend these fins since they encompass several amazing characteristics of a traditional paddle fin and are the first ones to provide users with the revolutionary blade material that doesn’t allow for easy damage.

  • Cressi has put more than sixty years of experience into designing this fin,
  • using exclusive and patented moulding technology in three different materials.
  • The engineering plastic used for the blade has been carefully chosen to meet the needs of Scuba
  • With their easy kick they are a pleasure to use, regardless of the user's level of training …

Difference Between Full-foot and Open-Heel Scuba Fins?

For a beginner, all these new terms can be a little confusing and intimidating, making it hard to understand what they mean. The primary difference between the two is that while open-heel scuba fins normally require a thick-soled dive boot or a bootie, the full-foot fin can be worn barefoot – like the Scubapro Go Travel Fin. However, the difference doesn’t end here. Let’s dive into a little detail.

Water Temperature

Since open-heel fins need a bootie, they are more suited for activities in cooler water since you would need insulation there for thermal protection. However, you wear full-foot fins barefoot, so they are better for warm water. Usually, snorkelers or divers swim in tropical waters that do not have very low temperatures. Thus, full-foot fins are the more popular choice.

Dive Boots and Fin Socks

If you are at a site with rough and rocky terrain, then it would be better to go for open-heel fins as they work with dive boots. They will offer you protection when you are in gear and need to walk outside the water. The insulation underwater will be an added advantage.

Some people are not comfortable going completely barefoot; they can always look into a thick neoprene fin sock (1-2mm). It won’t only provide some degree of insulation but will guard your feet against chafing and blisters and allow for a more snug fit.

Characteristics of Open-Heeled Fins

As mentioned above, and can be extrapolated from the name, open-heel fins do not generally cover the entire heel. Instead, they normally have adjustable straps that allow for a comfortable and customized fit for each user.

The latest innovation in such fins is the spring straps. It has effectively swept the diving community off its feet as it has resolved most of the issues pertaining to normal strap closures and durability. This means that you don’t need to buy separate fins for different adventures. You may prefer open-heel fins in colder waters as well because the adjustability of the spring strap can accommodate various sizes, including dive boots or socks!

This also offers protection and traction to the feet when you are shore diving on rocky shores. Many divers have commented that with the use of these, their propulsion has improved, as there is now a better and stronger bond between the foot and the fin.


Choosing the right dive package and fins can be a little daunting if you don’t know what to look for; therefore, you will see that all our recommendations mention the kind of users who would appreciate them the most. We hope we have helped you in making an informed decision. Remember, the most important part is to have fun, so just grab a pair, and diving would soon become your favorite hobby – almost like meditation!

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