How Safe is Snuba Diving?

If you’re a snorkeler who’s curious about diving, or a scuba diver looking for an easy way to explore shallow reefs, you may have heard of snuba diving.

But is snuba safe?

Snuba diving is generally safe, since the diving depth is about 6-7 meters or 20 feet, and snuba divers are not likely to be the victims of decompression sickness. Air embolism has a minor probability, as snuba divers are breathing compressed air. The risk of death or injury is minimal with snuba diving.

This article will give you an overview of the risks and rewards of this hybrid sport, so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

How Many People Can Snuba on the Same Trip?

One of the first questions any potential snuba diver has is how many people can go on one vessel. As with most water sports, this varies by company; some take small groups aboard private boats, while others take more divers on larger vessels. For a more specific number you should contact your chosen snuba diving company.


How Strenuous is Snuba Diving?

The level of physical fitness required for snuba diving is another big question most potential snuba divers have.

Part of the answer to how strenuous snuba is boils down to your definition of “strenuous”. Compared with scuba diving, it’s significantly less so; you’re breathing air from a tank rather than carrying one around on your back, and there’s no decompression obligation.

Scuba diving equipment is very heavy, but snuba divers don’t have to wear and carry all those: divers with weaker knees, aching backs, or people who are overweight, older, younger, or disabled in given forms may all participate in snuba.

A general level of good fitness is recommended, but snuba’s much less strenuous than scuba diving.

How Deep Can You Go Snuba?

Typically, all snuba divers surface out of water at the end of their dive; this means they’re limited in how deep they can go. Most snuba sites are in water at depths of around 20 feet, or 6-7 meters.

How Long is a Snuba Dive?

Dives last approximately 25 minutes, depending on the individual. The length of a snuba dive varies from person to person, however it typically lasts 20-25 minutes. The slower you breathe and the more relaxed you are, the longer your dive will go on.

Is Snuba Diving Dangerous?

If all you’re looking for is a half-hour or so in the water, then snuba diving isn’t dangerous at all. Like any activity that involves breathing underwater, though, there are risks involved and it’s impossible to guarantee your safety completely.

Snuba diving is also available for kids – there are clubs offering snuba diving for kids at the age of 7 years with specialized gear and mouthpieces. Users may keep hold of the snuba raft to practice breathing with their heads underwater and learn some of the safety precautions shown by the snuba guides.

Snuba diving is relatively safe, and with proper instruction it can be safe for just about anyone. Only a few fatal accidents in the whole history of the sport.

Is Snuba Safe for Non-Swimmers?

Snuba is a popular snorkeling alternative for people who don’t know how to swim. If that includes you, then the answer is yes, snuba is safe for non swimmers – but it’s important to keep in mind there are still some safety concerns.

Snuba divers have to be able to breathe through the mouth and kick with their feet, but no advanced swimming techniques are necessary for them.

Also try to avoid any panicking if you have difficulty getting back to the boat or starting to sink under water or if you air hose gets entangled. You should be able to stay afloat and will most likely be rescued if this happens.

Can You Get the Bends from Snuba?

The bends indicate decompression sickness. When a scuba diver ascends too rapidly, he or she is at risk of developing decompression sickness.

Yes, you can still get the bends from snuba, however the probability is quite low – but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently more dangerous than scuba diving. Snuba diving is a lot safer than it appears. Divers usually don’t run out of air, it is nearly impossible to get bent – this is just one of the risks that snuba eliminates.


Tips for Safe Snuba Diving

The following tips will help you enjoy your snuba experience and avoid any accidents.

  • Stay with your guide and your group at all times.
  • Remember to breathe naturally and slowly.
  • To prevent the bends, don’t come up too quickly to the surface.
  • Keep your distance from the support raft close and don’t get lost.
  • Don’t go deeper than the suggested 20 feet.
  • Strong currents should be avoided, since they might pull the support line, and cause injuries.


Snuba diving is a relatively safe activity as long as you take the necessary precautions. Make sure to always follow the instructions of your dive master, and if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

With a little common sense and caution, snuba diving can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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