Snorkeling VS Sea Walking

If you want to deep dive into the sea and experience the marine world beneath, there are two popular sports you can try: snorkeling and sea walking.

Snorkeling or Sea Walking: What is the Difference?

Both sea walking and snorkeling are equally great water activities. Snorkeling is carried on the water surface, whereas people sea walk at a depth of 10 to 20m. Both activities require a mask, snorkel, and fins. Snorkeling involves using a mask and a snorkel; while when you sea walk, the air is pushed through the helmet.

Main Difference

When it comes to sea walking and snorkeling, there are many differences between them, such as the difference in equipment, depth of the sea, and even the rules underwater.

However, the main difference between the two is that for snorkeling, you need to remove the scuba tank and go diving underwater, but to sea walk, you put on a helmet and simply walk in the sea.

Apart from that, both these activities need fins, masks, snorkels, and you don’t require any official certification to take part in either of these activities.


Snorkeling is a very fun underwater adventure that lets you fully enjoy the underwater life. To explain it in simple terms, snorkeling is swimming on the surface of the water while you look down at the oceanic creatures. This activity is done in shallow waters only (around two to five meters) and unlike scuba diving, it does not need any special scuba gear or oxygen equipment.

snorkeling o sea walking

Furthermore, snorkeling does not need any special training or intense preparation and super-advanced swimming skills. All you need is a snorkel mouthpiece to help you breathe when your head is underwater. The best part about snorkeling is that you can do it for as long as you want, depending on how much stamina you have.

You can also wear swim-fins or a swimsuit to navigate in the water smoothly. You can even go deeper into the ocean with other species, but this needs a high fitness level (more stamina) and skills to hold your breath for long.

Sea Walking

Sea walking, helmet diving, or undersea walk is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is the perfect sport to view sea life up-close, and it doesn’t need any expertise, training, or complex equipment either. It is simply a touristy sport that can be done by people who have little to no scuba diving experience at all, unlike when you scuba dive.

This activity is done in slightly deep water (around fifteen to thirty feet), and to sea walk, all you need is a helmet-type headpiece without the scuba tank necessary only for scuba divers. This headgear is connected to the surface and helps with breathing, allowing you to explore the ocean on foot without running out of oxygen. Air is always forced in the helmet you are wearing, which prevents water from entering it.

Sea Walking

Moreover, since the helmet is slightly heavy, its weight makes it easy to balance underwater. Plus, once you go underwater, you won’t find it too heavy. The headgear also allows you to swim back up to the surface easily and doesn’t hinder your movements. It is usually a rental helmet that you return once the activity is over.

Before you want to head out to sea walk, there is a short information session that explains all the precautions and prepares you for what you can expect. They also teach you basic hand signals that you can use for communication.

Once you are done with this guide, the boat will take you to the designated location, and here you will spend around twenty to thirty minutes underwater. Some places also come with handrailings that allow you to walk easily, whereas some have certified guides that help you reach the seafloor with ease.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of interesting creatures lurking around underwater, and seeing them up-close is an experience of a lifetime. Two ways you can explore the sea are sea walking and snorkeling. Both are super fun, but they have their differences, as discussed above.

With proper guidance, the right equipment, and an understanding of each sport, you can have a memorable sea experience that you will never forget!

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