What to Do with Car Keys When Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a fun activity that many people around the world enthusiastically partake in. However, once they reach the snorkeling site, many people worry about storing their valuable items before going into the water.

What to do with Valuables while Snorkeling?

You should leave all your valuables behind in your room and only carry essential items with you. For these essential items, you can either carry a waterproof snorkeling bag or a dry bag to carry them around easily while you snorkel without any worry. As a last resort, you can hide your things in the sand!

Tips to Do with Car Keys and Valuables while Snorkeling

Leave Everything Unnecessary at the Hotel/Accommodation

When you’re going diving or snorkeling, you must keep only essential items with you. You should try to leave as many items as possible at your hotel or wherever you are staying for the night. Carrying extra things with you will only be a burden and a hassle.

Moreover, when you just have a handful of things with you, it’s easier to carry them in a dry bag when you go into the water. Plus, only a handful of things won’t cause any hindrance while you snorkel. Once you’re done with the snorkeling, you can just go back to the accommodation and get back to your things.

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Bring a Dry Bag

Once you’re ready to go into the water, take a dry bag, put all your essential items in it, and take it underwater with you. A dry bag will keep all your items in one place while making sure they don’t get wet.

Dry bags are specially designed to be spacious enough to carry all the items considered essential, like your phone, car keys, and your identification card. At the same time, the size isn’t that big that it gets too heavy to snorkel with.

However, the downside of carrying a dry bag with you is that it may become a little inconvenient to carry if you’re snorkeling for the first time. It may disturb your balance and rhythm.

Zip Lock in Swimsuit Pocket

While carrying a dry bag can help you store a number of items conveniently, it doesn’t make sense to carry a dry bag for one or two items. In this case, you can use a ziplock in a swimsuit pocket to store smaller items.

For example, if you have a car parked near the snorkeling area, you can keep all your essentials in the car and just carry your car keys with you. You can easily put the keys in the zip lock and put the ziplock in the swimsuit pocket to snorkel around conveniently.

However, any sharp object can puncture the swimsuit pocket and, in turn, the zip lock, allowing water to enter inside and damage the items. So you’ll need to be careful about it.

Waterproof Pouches and Wallets on a Belt

Another way to carry your items underwater is by getting a waterproof pouch or wallet with a waist strap. You can throw in your essentials and wear the pouch on the waist. This way, you will have your hands free, and you will be able to move around freely.

The size of these pouches is often large enough to carry basic essential items like your keys, mobile phones, smaller wallets, and cash. Even if the weight becomes a little heavy, you will get used to it once you wear the pouch for a little while. Since these pouches are waterproof and easy to carry around, most people prefer these over other alternatives.

While choosing a waterproof pouch or a wallet, make sure to look for a reliable brand as the build quality of these items are not the best when it comes to cheaper brands. Your essentials might be at the risk of being damaged if you try to save a couple of bucks for an inferior product.

Store Your Stuff in Your Parked Car

If you have a car, one of the most convenient ways to store your items before diving into the water is to leave all your items in it. In case you need anything, you can easily get it from your car. Moreover, your things will remain safe in the car and will be near the water in case you need anything.

After putting all your stuff in the car, you’ll still have the car keys on you. For this purpose, you can go for a swimsuit with a zip lock to secure the keys. However, if your car has an electronic key, you should go for one of the waterproof options listed above.

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Bury and Hide Your Things in the Sand

An unconventional way to store all your things is to bury them in the sand in a designated spot. To do so, choose an isolated spot on the beach and make sure nobody is watching. Next, put all your items in a bag and then bury it in the sand safely.

Although this sounds like a pretty straightforward way to store your items, this might not be the safest way. Someone might see you storing your valuables in the sand and can dig up once you go into the water. As a result, you can lose your essentials, and it can totally ruin your experience.

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